Our mission

NOLTEC’s mission is to be the leader in the design, development and integration of custom-built education software solutions for nursery schools, primary schools, as well as FET or distance learning colleges.

We aim to continuously improve our software products and give expert advice and support to our clients. Our goals for the future include positioning NOLTEC IT Integration as the leading custom software developer/supplier for, as mentioned above, various levels of education in South Africa.

We do, however, also offer IT Solutions to small and medium businesses and training centres. Our long-term mission is to seamlessly integrate today’s IT environment!


We offer innovative, simple and dynamic IT Solutions, priced to fit your business needs. Not only is our brand user-friendly and cost-effective, but we also work on a scalable costing system that ensures you don’t pay for services you don’t need. Our attention to client satisfaction has helped us create strong bonds with our clients, some of whom have been with us for more than 10 years!

Use our software with the reassurance that NOLTEC IT Integration’s expert support staff is with you every step of the way. From installations to training to troubleshooting, we offer support seven days a week.

We aren’t happy until you are.

Welcome to Noltec IT Integration


Our company is the brainchild of our managing director, Japie Nolte, who started to work on our IT integration system in 1998. In fact, he originally designed schoolPRO® and collegePRO® for the nursery school attended by his own children. His expertise in computer software programming fitted hand in glove with the needs of a busy nursery school and growing FET college, and NOLTEC IT Integration was born.

Today, our highly experienced technical team has more than 70 years’ experience in software development. Our fluency in business integration, financial system management and IT network integration form the backbone of this dynamic and innovative software development company.

About the history of our company:

At NOLTEC IT Integration, we have shared our software solutions in the private and government (DOE) sector of the education industry in South Africa for over 20 years! Our software products are used all over South Africa, most notably in Gauteng, Free State and Western Cape.

Our team of diverse experts have a vast range of knowledge and experience in education and business administration. The insight we’ve gained enables us to understand critical strategic operational and administrative decisions, time limitations and the budgetary constraints these institutions often face. Our systems are built to streamline all these processes for you – we are college and business administration management made easy!

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Software Solutions

Our primary software solutions:

Streamline institutional processes, like:

  • student management
  • enrolments
  • web and mobile portals
  • course and subject management
  • assignments and exam marks
  • departmental info and
  • financial reporting

With features like these, students are given online access to a variety of institutional information. As the availability of education is expanding and an increasingly diverse group of individuals are becoming involved, a well-organised platform of key information can simplify and help staff, students and their benefactors and other role-players to remain focussed on relevant information. Data like attendance, academic performance and class schedules for students can all be catalogued on this platform.

Online monitoring and evaluation can increase student’s success rates, with online exam mark compilation and other information seamlessly integrating into collegePRO® (without any manual effort required). Track all course types and enrolments and improve class and lecture management for students, lecturers and other staff members.

Mobile friendly web portals simplify the information exchange for students, faculty and other staff members by providing a simple, singular online space where interaction with relevant information can take place, making sure everyone involved is on the same page!

Manage all departmental and institutional cost allocations and accounts with an effective reporting and cataloguing system:

  • Department (DHET, DOE) Reporting
  • College and DHET Integration Platform Software
  • Auto Bank Recon and Excel Integration between Accounting software
  • Integrate collegePRO financial modules can export data to into accounting software – Pastel etc.

This is a school management software initiative specifically designed for private nursery schools and Primary schools. No matter if you are a single site or multi-site organisation, schoolPRO® caters for all clients, big and small.

Utilise early childhood development tools and assessments within a shared domain, where educators, parents and families are given access to critical information about a child’s development. This information also enables parents to pinpoint their children’s learning styles and strengths, which can be applied to their social interactions outside of school.

Put software solutions in place to streamline an array of school protocols, educational strategies and cost allocations in one, well-integrated system. This enables stakeholders to act with confidence when making key decisions, as all relevant information is archived and readily available.

Financial processes, including billing, the keeping of a company ledger, debtor management and student financial reporting can all be handled from the schoolPRO® program.

Increase your professional communication internally and externally with software that assists in:

  • Auto bank statement import and allocations
  • Functional email and
  • SMS communication
  • Easy reporting
  • Easy monthly statements


In today’s complex work environment, where a variety of skillsets from different fields coincide, having a dynamic workflow management system is a must for every business. By providing a platform where information, communications and important documents can be centralised, a broad company workforce can become focused and streamlined.

Putting in place a software system that also manages a businesses’ debtors, cost allocations and internal tax documentation is how any business, big or small, maintains a healthy cash flow. This system ensures that your business upholds its reputation. It provides accurate information about which creditors must be paid on time, while giving you the opportunity to more effectively plan cash flow strategy and manage your debtors.

Increase your professional communication internally and externally with software that assists in:

  • Auto bank statement import and allocations
  • Monthly statement email and
  • SMS communication

Handle your daily business challenges with ease. Our extensive experience in dealing with automotive repair and parts sales shops, like yours, is reflected in our software. Our goal is to help you service, sell, order, ship and interact with customers more effectively.

If you’re looking for a system that can give you and your company relevant information about your asset history and maintenance records that’ll integrate well with your business on all employee levels, you may find stockPRO® an incredibly useful tool.

What makes stockPRO® special is that it enables you to control and manage stock at central, regional and branch levels, making your internal company processes more dynamic. When dealing with stock inventory control, an exact understanding of what you have on-hand can determine whether or not you’ll be successful. Investing in a process that’ll accentuate your managerial efforts will reflect strongly in your turnover!

Knowing when what stock will sell out, when one should restock an item and how expensive unsold stock is to house, for example, are processes that one in a managerial position seldom has time to micromanage – that’s where this software comes in. stockPRO® offers one solution for all your sales, services and stock management efforts, making all the difference.

Increase your professional communication internally and externally with software that assists in:

  • Invoice and credit note functionality
  • Functional email and
  • SMS communication

Group Training and Survey Solutions

NOLTEC’s group training solutions is an unparalleled improvement to the conventional process of classroom/group training and surveys. It enables you and your business to survey processes effectively, helping you capture and analyse insights that can be acted on with confidence when dealing with a research based project. It streamlines classroom training and manages important decision-making processes with the knowledge that the information you’ve gathered is reliable, and accurately catalogued and managed.

Property Administrative Solutions (realPRO®)

Handle real estate dealings with a property management software solution that gives you and other role-players complete control over internal company processes.

Harness the strength of a company-wide database for houses, owners and rentals. Let realPRO® assist you with property maintenance plans, as well as bank repo property security management, among many other benefits.

Marathon and Bicycle Race Administrative Solutions (racePRO®)

Use racePRO® to pull together the perfect racing event. Attract new participants to your track or event, collect new insights to aid in decision making and planning and use accurate data to make informed decisions that’ll ultimately set you apart from the rest! What racePRO® provides is a time control and clocking solution for both running and bicycle events and excellent participant management programs, as well as a financial system for event hosting.

Web application solutions

Here at NOLTEC IT INTEGRATIONS we believe that the planning process is most important when developing a new application. Working with our experienced team of developers and Project managers, we believe we can create ground breaking client and web applications that will enable our customers to shine in their marketplace. Our framework based development approach enables us to work fast and efficient to deliver the application on time and in budget.

Technologies: PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS and third party plug-ins

Network Solutions

UTP cabling and fibre installations can be quite tricky to do yourself as cables often run through unique and complex areas. Keeping installations in line with building codes while ensuring that cables running through walls, roofs and furniture are fully functional is a job that you can leave to our qualified technicians!

Office network system installations are infinitely more complicated than home network installations. This is due to the large scale and high capacity with which office networks need to function.

If you’re afraid that your office networking system will end up being a tangled mess, let us handle that department for you! We offer professional network cabling installations that’ll save you time, money and spare you from losing your nerve with a thicket of cables.

Our highly experienced technicians are qualified to handle network installations for any space. Our outsourced fibre partner will assist in all the fibre installations.

Making sure you’ve set up switches for your office or home network correctly is a crucial part of any physical network system. You don’t have to worry about configuring these devices to correctly boot and handle traffic optimally; leave that to our professional technicians!


We also offer seamless integration with other reputable, market-leading software. Contact NOLTEC for an implementation/integration plan that suit your needs.

Hardware Solutions

NOLTEC IT Integration offers office network and computer hardware equipment that’ll help you get on track! Upgrade outdated hardware systems, replace or repair what’s broken or opt for a full revamp.

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Thin client solutions:
  • Thin client computer
  • Shared disk space (well protected in protective casings or hidden from burglars)
  • Link to cloud storage
  • Printing options
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • General office hardware like mouse, HD screens etc.