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Business Stock Control Administrative Solutions (stockPRO®)

Handle your daily business challenges with ease. Our extensive experience in dealing with automotive repair and parts sales shops, like yours, is reflected in our software. Our goal is to help you service, sell, order, ship and interact with customers more effectively.

If you’re looking for a system that can give you and your company relevant information about your asset history and maintenance records that’ll integrate well with your business on all employee levels, you may find stockPRO® an incredibly useful tool.

What makes stockPRO® special is that it enables you to control and manage stock at central, regional and branch levels, making your internal company processes more dynamic. When dealing with stock inventory control, an exact understanding of what you have on-hand can determine whether or not you’ll be successful. Investing in a process that’ll accentuate your managerial efforts will reflect strongly in your turnover!

Knowing when what stock will sell out, when one should restock an item and how expensive unsold stock is to house, for example, are processes that one in a managerial position seldom has time to micromanage – that’s where this software comes in. stockPRO® offers one solution for all your sales, services and stock management efforts, making all the difference.

Increase your professional communication internally and externally with software that assists in:

  • Invoice and credit note functionality
  • Functional email and
  • SMS communication

Group Training and Survey Solutions

NOLTEC’s group training solutions is an unparalleled improvement to the conventional process of classroom/group training and surveys. It enables you and your business to survey processes effectively, helping you capture and analyse insights that can be acted on with confidence when dealing with a research based project. It streamlines classroom training and manages important decision-making processes with the knowledge that the information you’ve gathered is reliable, and accurately catalogued and managed.

Property Administrative Solutions (realPRO®)

Handle real estate dealings with a property management software solution that gives you and other role-players complete control over internal company processes.

Harness the strength of a company-wide database for houses, owners and rentals. Let realPRO® assist you with property maintenance plans, as well as bank repo property security management, among many other benefits.

Marathon and Bicycle Race Administrative Solutions (racePRO®)

Use racePRO® to pull together the perfect racing event. Attract new participants to your track or event, collect new insights to aid in decision making and planning and use accurate data to make informed decisions that’ll ultimately set you apart from the rest! What racePRO® provides is a time control and clocking solution for both running and bicycle events and excellent participant management programs, as well as a financial system for event hosting.

Web application solutions

Here at NOLTEC IT INTEGRATIONS we believe that the planning process is most important when developing a new application. Working with our experienced team of developers and Project managers, we believe we can create ground breaking client and web applications that will enable our customers to shine in their marketplace. Our framework based development approach enables us to work fast and efficient to deliver the application on time and in budget.

Technologies: PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS and third party plug-ins

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