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FET College Administrative Solutions (collegePRO®)

Streamline institutional processes, like:

  • student management
  • enrolments
  • web and mobile portals
  • course and subject management
  • assignments and exam marks
  • departmental info and
  • financial reporting

With features like these, students are given online access to a variety of institutional information. As the availability of education is expanding and an increasingly diverse group of individuals are becoming involved, a well-organised platform of key information can simplify and help staff, students and their benefactors and other role-players to remain focussed on relevant information. Data like attendance, academic performance and class schedules for students can all be catalogued on this platform.

Online monitoring and evaluation can increase student’s success rates, with online exam mark compilation and other information seamlessly integrating into collegePRO® (without any manual effort required). Track all course types and enrolments and improve class and lecture management for students, lecturers and other staff members.

Mobile friendly web portals simplify the information exchange for students, faculty and other staff members by providing a simple, singular online space where interaction with relevant information can take place, making sure everyone involved is on the same page!

Manage all departmental and institutional cost allocations and accounts with an effective reporting and cataloguing system:

  • Department (DHET, DOE) Reporting
  • College and DHET Integration Platform Software
  • Auto Bank Recon and Excel Integration between Accounting software
  • Integrate collegePRO financial modules can export data to into accounting software – Pastel etc.
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