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School Administrative Solutions (SchoolPRO®)

This is a school management software initiative specifically designed for private nursery schools and Primary schools. No matter if you are a single site or multi-site organisation, schoolPRO® caters for all clients, big and small.

Utilise early childhood development tools and assessments within a shared domain, where educators, parents and families are given access to critical information about a child’s development. This information also enables parents to pinpoint their children’s learning styles and strengths, which can be applied to their social interactions outside of school.

Put software solutions in place to streamline an array of school protocols, educational strategies and cost allocations in one, well-integrated system. This enables stakeholders to act with confidence when making key decisions, as all relevant information is archived and readily available.

Financial processes, including billing, the keeping of a company ledger, debtor management and student financial reporting can all be handled from the schoolPRO® program.

Increase your professional communication internally and externally with software that assists in:

  • Auto bank statement import and allocations
  • Functional email and
  • SMS communication
  • Easy reporting
  • Easy monthly statements


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